TELI Ai Fever Monitoring System


Automated Fever Screening

Tele Ai is an complete thermal camera solution for fever monitoring and alarming. It has a thermal camera merged with standard CMOS camera to capture faces of high fever person. An Ai unit tracks multiple faces even with masks with-in a range of 4 meters, and detects its body temperature. The fever values will be shown in a real-time screen, with the face of the person marked. 

This thermal camera solution keeps a screenshot of the captured event and it will emailed to predefined addressed. More over an audible alarm or a indicator can be set to trigger once it detects a high fever body.

Tele Ai uses a high accuracy thermal camera to get high precision values of temperature.  

Tele Ai thermal camera can be connected to an HDMI monitor to see the real-time output. This can be used in entrances where number of people enter and monitor the body temperature without disturbing.


  • Multi-person detection simultaneously

  • Detects faces with masks

  • Visible image of the person

  • Immediately alarming to notify operators

  • Zero physical contact measurement 

Fever monitoring

Monitoring Interface

  • Real-time monitoring
  • Capturing high fever faces
  • Configurable Alarm
  • Alarm history with snapshot

Connectivity & Storage


Model 1 : AT12-1219TH

  1. Thermal Resolution 160 x 120
  2. Ethernet Connectivity RJ45
  3. Micro SD Support
  4. 2 x Alarm Inputs, 2 x Alarm outputs

Model 2 : AT12-6080TH

  1. Thermal Resolution 80 x 60
  2. Ethernet / WiFi Connectivity RJ45
  3. Email Alerts / micro-SD support
  4. 2 x Alarm Inputs, 2 x Alarm outputs



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